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black basalt whiskey stone set

Product description:

 9pcs basalt rock whiskey stone set


weight:appro.23g-26g for one cube


content: 9 stones and a muslin storage bag

Hand-crafted in China

We are direct factory,our item can be retail and wholesale

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Whisky stones, also known as whisky rocks and chilling stones, are becoming very popular with whisky drinkers who like to chill their whisky during the hotter months of the year.


These are simply cubes or discs of stone – usually soapstone, but granite cubes are also available – which are roughly the same size as ice cubes. You just put them into the freezer for 3 or 4 hours and then drop them into your glass instead of ice to chill your drink. Most sets come with a small pouch which you can store them in when not in use or in the freezer.


The stone is impermeable, so the cubes won’t absorb smells or flavors. Soapstone is softer than glass, so you won’t scratch or damage your nice whisky glasses either.