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  • Beautiful kanji art

  • Original:http://zjywzhang.1688.com   Time:2014-11-22  
  •     Chinese folk art has a long history and rich tradition of folk culture, reflecting the history of social changes, aesthetic philosophy of life and the pursuit of folk folk. It shows aspects of life and the way of thinking of China's vast population of each period, psychology. In these works of art, there are many works of art using Chinese characters creation. Watch these works, Chinese folk art charm and character, clever natural heaven, formed a folk art in a unique landscape.

        Characters long and deep history and art. Character is one of the oldest writing in the world, is today the largest number in the world using text. Structure and ways of thinking of Chinese characters is unique. From the history of the development of Chinese characters that can be learned early Chinese characters is indeed a very strong picture of the text. In the Shang Dynasty oracle inscriptions on clearly reflects the relationship between the image of Chinese characters and pictures.
        Chinese characters are ideographic, Chinese morphology and its pronunciation and meaning are closely related. In some ancient glyphs still be able to see the close relationship it has the image and meaning. Its meaning through word structure, its meaning can often glance.
         Therefore, the root, Chinese characters written and drawn with a close relationship, which provides a good space for folk art creation. Text in the use of folk art works, we can see the image of the association and clever text. In addition, civil life rich in content, refined processed, a lot of legends, myths, games and nature of plants and animals become folk art creative material, the formation of these creative material reflects the inheritance and development of the aesthetic of the working people.
        Text, image and folk simple, straightforward emotional integration, a unique folk art of Chinese characters. Folk art characters, there are painted with the word, the word in the painting, painted inside word; the word in fun, meaningful painting.
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